0-3 Months Baby Swaddle Wrap Blanket


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0-3 Months 100% Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap Blanket Newborn Infants Muslin Baby Envelop Sleep Bag Sleepsack Mantas Para Bebe KF679
Material: 100% cotton.
Size:length 58cm*width 64cm(expanding size).
Unit weight:about 90g.
Packing:opp bag.
0     彩色飞机0    小汽车0   彩象0   粉色卡车0  彩色卡车10    粉马150  彩色字母151   兰牛457   黄色小马920  彩色猴子
new carriagenew flowernew footballnew foxnew moonnew pink dot
new whalenew white elephantnew zebra
The socks is free size for 0-24 months.

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