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EVA Plush Puzzle play mats


119274 in stock

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EVA Plush Puzzle play mats Foam Shaggy Velvet Carpet Decorative Kids Room for Crawling Play Toys 

Single Chip Size:30*30*0.6 (cm)


1.Soundproof, shockproof, waterproof, heat preservation;

2.The laying is simple, flat, the surface specific slip resistance; thickness 0.6CM;

3.The product is odorless, can be used without cleaning and drying; especially for the baby to use;

4.The extra thick product thickness, to prevent the baby from falling when sitting on the top when playing, can also be placed indoors to do fitness gym mats, easy to store.

Product Usage:

★ Widely used, it can be used as a children’s toy, as an ornament, and can be used without washing and drying; especially rest assured; especially elegant.

★ Prevent your baby from falling when sitting on the top while playing. You can also use it indoors to do fitness gymnastics pads, which is convenient for storage.

★ Spread on the ground does not feel the cool on the ground, you can make a carpet, you can temporarily do bed to sleep.



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