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Automatic Hair Trimmer


92 in stock

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1.Four-size durable positioning comb suitable for all kinds of long hair

2.Soft sound and low noise,you can change baby’s hairstyle when sleeping

3.Turbo fan design, can gather the shaved hair, not subject to itching feeling

4.The whole machine is waterproof and easy to clean

5.This hair clipper uses a sharp steel blade, which does not get stuck or clipped.

6.Ceramic round R angle cutter head,protects the scalp from scratching

Package Include:

1pc hair trimmer, 1pc power line, 2pc positioning combs(3/6mm ,9/12mm),

1pc cleaning brush, 1pc sponge and 1pc cape


Charging time: 3-4 hours

Usage time after full charge: 40 minutes

Power Supply: USB charging or plug in

Blade Configuration: ceramic blade ,removable cutter head

How to clean:

1.Remove the cutter head (press down)

2.First clean with a brush

3.The cutter head is washed with water

Note Please

We don’t send the lubricating oil as the safety check by customs.
But we suggest use the lubricating oil lubricate the cutter after wash by water






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