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Bathing Bathtub Beach Toy


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Bathing Bathtub Water Spring Floating Octopus Beach Toy

1.Selected toughs ABS without age polishing: Strictly selected ABS raws materials, the surface is finely and softly treated, no flash and no burrs, to ensure that it will not hurt the baby
2.The clever leg design, vividly restores the crawling form of the legs and restores the walking dynamics of the octopus through the simple and interesting six-leg linkage to attract the baby’s attention at a glance
3.Enjoy bathing and happy hours. Baby playing in the water is a good playmate. After winding up the chain, put it in the water. The octopus can float to the surface of the water or crawl on the ground through the stroke of its feet.
4.Turn the clockwork to make the octopus move on the water or on the ground

Material: Plastic/Plastic
Packing method: color box
Ability training: grasping, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys
Color: purple, blue
Applicable age: children (4-6 years old)
Size: 22*11.2*10.2cm

Package Content:
1*Octopus toy



Purple, Blue


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