Children’s Toy Portable Mini Microscope


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Mini desktop microscope strives to be a little scientist.
Equipped with glass slides, it is more professional and more ceremonial. Small size, suitable for home use and teaching.
Portable handheld microscope to explore anytime, anywhere.
The handheld mode allows children who are curious about nature to easily observe anywhere.
Microscope with a mobile phone to record and share at any time.
Fix the microscope with the mobile phone holder to observe in real-time and share the beautiful new world with the world.


Material: ABS
Packing size: 16.6*24.5*6.3CM
Product weight: 0.3kg
Applicable age: over 8 years old


Package Content:
1 x microscope
1 x bench stand,
1 x hand Machine stand
1 x stage
2 x slides


White& Black, White & Blue


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