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Cute Cartoon Animals Baby Toy Ball


36217 in stock

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Soft Cloth Rattle Ball For Babies 8-10cm Stuffed Built-in Bell Baby Play Ball Cute Cartoon Animals Baby Toy Ball Educational Sensory Toys

Item: baby rattle toy
Material: polyester
Size: Diameter: 8cm,10cm
Features: Soft, Safety, Educational Toy, Funny Play Ball with Animal
Packing: OPP bag per unit

Bells inside

It has the function of ringing bell to stimulate baby’s hearing, Satisfy the baby to explore the world.

Soft material, Do not fade


Learning in the play, parents also can teach color’s name and animal through this ball. Not only a toy, but also an early educational tool.


It’s in a perfect size for your baby to grasp and can improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination



diameter 10cm-DD087C, diameter 10cm-DD088C, diameter 10cm-DD089C, diameter 10cm-DD090C, diameter 8cm-DD091C, dog-400001, Pink cow-400002, Blue cow-400003, Hedgehog-400004, rhinoceros-400005, dog-400006, Pink cow-400007, Blue cow-400008, Donkey-TA255C, Donkey-TA254C, Hedgehog-400009, rhinoceros-400010, Elephant-TH047C, Rabbit-TH048C, Dog-TH049C, Rabbit-400016C, Bear-400018C, Elephant-400020C, Rabbit-400017C, Bear-400019C, Elephant-400021C, Elephant-TA256C, Lion-TA257C, Forg-TA258C, Dog-TH144C, Lion-TH145C, Elephant-TH146C, Panda-TH163C, Lion-TH164C, Cow-TH165C, Elephant-TH166C, Worm-TH071C, Beetle-TH175C, Cat-TH179C


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