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Eco-friendly Adjustable Baby Nappy


230 in stock

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Eco-friendly Diaper Washable Cloth Diaper Adjustable Baby Nappy Reusable pocket Diapers

Product Name : Baby Cloth Diaper Set

Inner Material : gray mesh cloth

Outer Material : waterproof pul

Size : for 3-15kg

Closure : Snap and Magic Tape

Tab : elastic stretchy tab

Package : 4PCS/Set

Feature : Waterproof , Reusable, Breathable, Adjustable


Warm Tips : the link price is only for per set diapers , u need to buy inserts separately from other link in our store , please click the below insert photo to enter another insert link to buy
inserts , or if u need any other inserts , don’t hesitate to send me message ,i will check for u



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only cloth diaper


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