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Kids Bracelet


79895 in stock

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This baby bracelet is stainless steel material with gold/silver pltaed, the chain is adjustable with extended link. Measure your baby wrist when purchase. 


Metal Color

Engraved Gold, NO Engraved Gold 1, Engraved Rosegold, NO Engrave Gold 7, Engarved Gold 7, NO Engraved Rosegold, NO Engraved Black, Engraved Black, No engraved silver, Engraved Silver, NO Engraved gold 2, Engraved gold 2, NO Engraved Silver 1, Engraved Silver 1, NO Engraved Gold 3, Engraved Gold 3, NO Engraved Silver 3, Engraved Silver 3, No Engarved Gold 4, Engraved Gold 4, No Engarved Silver 4, Engraved Silver 4, No Engarved Gold 5, Engraved Gold 5, No Engarved Silver 5, Engraved Silver 5, No Engarved Gold 6, Engarved Gold 6, No Engarved Silver 6, Engarved Silver 6, Engarved 7gold, Engarved 8gold, Engarved 9gold, Engarved 10gold


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