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LOFCA Colorful Nylon Baby Teether Pacifier Clip


119944 in stock

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1.How old is this baby teether for your baby?

This baby teether is suitable for babies over 4 months old. Remember to give it to your baby in time when he drools, eats his hands, and feels agitated

2.Does this baby teether smell? Is the material safe?

This baby teether is food grade and tasteless. Please feel free to use it

3.Is this baby teether hard? May hurt baby’s gingiva?

This baby teether is soft and suitable for teething babies. It won’t hurt the giniva.

4.How do clean it when you start using it?

All the items comes in clear packing and for cleaning,you can simply wash with clean soap water before use(Dishwasher is available)

*All the products are free of BPA,Phthalates,lead and PVC.The certificates can be provided,please contact us and show me your email address.

Lofca-‘love and care’ is a well-known brand in making food grade silicone accessory from beads,bracelet, bangle and necklace.

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3.All the items in our store are available to choose colors,remember to leave us message or contact us when you place the order,otherwise will send random colors.

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