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Portable Baby Chair Adjustable Stroller Seat


226221 in stock

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12 Years Old Baby Chair Travel Baby Seat Infant Drink Comfortable Armchair Portable Baby Chair Adjustable Stroller Seat Pad


The updated version of thick cotton fabric, breathable and comfortable adjustable car seat to avoid emergency braking to damage the baby. Small size, does not take up too much space. Five-point fixed mode to ensure child safety. The fabric is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. Easy to install and remove




0-6 Years Old red, 0-6 Years Old pink, 0-6 Years Old blue1, 0-6 Years Old orange, 0-6 Years Old blue2, 0-6 Years Old brown, 0-6 Years Old gray, 0-6 Years Old beige, 0-6 Years Old RnB, 0-6 Years Old BnW, 0-12 Years Old red, 0-12 Years Old pink, 0-12 Years Old blue1, 0-12Years Old orange, 0-12 Years Old blue2, 0-12 Years Old brown, 0-12 Years Old gray, 0-12 Years Old beige, 0-12 Years Old RnB, 0-12 Years Old BnW, Protective tape1, Protective tape2, Protective tape3, Protective tape4


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