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Posing Beans Moon Pillow

Posing Beans Moon Pillow


163 in stock

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Posing Beans Moon Pillow Stars Set Newborn Photography Props Infants Photo Shooting Accessories


brand new and high quality
Awesome baby photography moon pillow, stars and hat set.
Whether you are a photographer or a new parent, you can prepare your baby’s photo.
Baby’s comfortable pillows, stars and hats are easy to clean.
Made of high quality material, breathable, soft and delicate.
Practical and convenient, showing the baby’s cute and charming.
Suitable for baby boys and girls, birthdays, parties, photos, bath gifts, etc.
Baby Hat and Baby Pillow and Stars only,other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Material: Spandex
Moon Pillow Size: Length: app.44cm, Width: app.44cm(It is cotton, irregular in shape, elastic, and will become larger after stretching. Different measurement methods have different lengths. Please allow 5cm errors)

Quantity: 1 Set

Package Contents:
1 x Baby Hat
1 x Baby Pillow
1 x Big Star
3 x Small Stars


1 x Baby Pillow

6 x Stars




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