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Silicone Teether


33010 in stock

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Silicone Teether Cartoon Animal Baby Teething Toy Koala Teething Necklace Food Grade Infant Chewable Toys

Lofca-‘love and care’ is a well-known brand in making food grade silicone accessory from beads,bracelet, bangle and necklace.



Polar Bear, Giraffe1, Giraffe2, Giraffe3, Rainbow1, Rainbow2, Panda1, Panda2, Koala1, Koala2, Bunny4, Koala3, Koala4, Koala5, Koala6, Elephant1, Elephant2, Elephant3, Elephant4, Elephant5, Turtle1, Turtle2, Turtle3, Turtle4, Raccoon2, Raccoon3, mix 1, Raccoon4, Raccoon5, Raccoon6, Turtle5, mix 2, Raccoon1, Raccoon7, Bunny1, Bunny2, Bunny3


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