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Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle


60282 in stock

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Wooden Animal Puzzle Toys Elephant Fox Tai Chi Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle Board Game Set for Adults Kids Educational Toy Baby Gifts


1. A puzzle game with nature as the theme. Enjoy the relaxing time brought by this mysterious animal puzzle! Our wooden puzzles come in many sizes and are made of small pieces shaped like savanna animals and plants.

2. Formaldehyde-free wooden materials, smooth surface treatment, high quality, durable, corrosion-resistant, and form a protective layer after environmentally-friendly protective dyeing treatment. It can be preserved for decades, hung on the wall or passed on to others for appreciation.

3. It can promote human eye coordination, improve concentration, patience, logical thinking and problem-solving ability. All day long, you will be surprised by the brain puzzles of this puzzle game.

4. Looking for thoughtful birthday or holiday gifts? These unique wooden puzzles are the perfect choice! Give your loved one an hour of entertainment.

5. Jigsaw puzzles can calm the mind and stimulate a creative meditation state. They use our creativity, this is the most valuable parent-child game. Intellectual game for adults and children. Good choice for birthday and Christmas gifts.6. This is not only a problem, but also a wooden problem. This is a great gift for children and adults alike.

Packing list:

1 set * puzzle (A4 Size)


The charming fox is not as simple as it seems. Collecting puzzles will be very interesting, difficult and helpful. Every work, every character will tell the interesting life of this predator. Collect the puzzles and you will find a chicken, an egg nest, and a hare. She likes to have a big meal on it.

The deceived crane in the famous fable. Little fox circling the bear on her finger. Nevertheless, there are still beautiful flowers and patterns in this puzzle, because before you are truly beautiful.









Rooster A4, Elephant1 A4, Rooster2 A4, Chameleon A4, Wolf A4, Peacock A4, Butterfly2 A4, Dragon A4, Wolf2 A4, Earth A4, Heart A4, Tai Chi A4, Cat2 A4, Cat3 A4, Butterfly1 A4, Tiger A4, Fox A4, Tai Chi2 A4, Eagle A4, Giraffe A4, Constellation A4, Elephant2 A4, Elephant3 A4, Hippocampus A4, Parrot1a4, Cat A4, Parrot A4


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