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Wooden Baby Teething Rings


5464 in stock

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Wooden Baby Teething Rings Infant Teether Toy DIY Accessories For 3-12 Month Infants Tooth Care Products

Baby Natural Teething Rings Wooden Necklace Bracelet DIY Crafts


Qty: 5pcs/lot

Size: 25mm/30mm/35mm/40mm/45mm/50mm/55mm/60mm/65mm





Wood Ring necklace show




Round 25mm, Round 30mm, Round 35mm, Round 40mm, Round 50mm, Round 55mm, Round 60mm, Round 65mm, Octagon 10mm-10pcs, Octagon 12mm-10pcs, Octagon 14mm-10pcs, Octagon 16mm-10pcs


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