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Wooden Jigsaw Bricks Puzzle

Wooden Jigsaw Bricks Puzzle


81 in stock

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This wooden tangram puzzle is colorful indeed. It’s painted really well therefore the color of the wood doesn’t come off at all. Also all the puzzles fit perfectly and there’s no problem in fitting it in different ways. This wooden puzzles and board is very sturdy that when it’s dropped on the floor no parts are broken.

Let the puzzle impress you and how it’s sturdy and colorful.


1.Size: 10.63 x 7.09 x 0.39″

2.Material: Qualified Wood

3.Color: Muti-Color

4.Fit For: Kids Over 3 Years Old

5.Item Weight: 3.17oz

6.Quantity: 40pcs/Set,with different shape and colors

Various Solutions

1.Improve attention concentrations.

2.Improve kids’ ability to grasp.

3.Improve kids’ hand-eye coordination.

4.Improve color & shape recognition

5.Improve parent-child interaction

6.Improve logical thinking

Definitely Safe Material

1.High quality wood

2.Smooth surface

3.No lead

4.No plastic


6.No odour



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