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Silicone Beads Teething Cartoon


57379 in stock

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Silicone Beads Teething Cartoon Fox Beads Animals 5pcs DIY Pacifier Clip For Children Newborn Baby Teether For Teeth

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Brand: Let’s make
Item 1:Silicone Rodent
Item 2:Fox Teether
Item 3:Silicone Teether Necklace
Item 4:Silicone Charms
Item 5:Teething Toys
Size: 0.9*1.2in
Weight: 4.2G
Quantity: 5pc
Features: The silica gel beads are made of food grade silicone material, and the beads are designed as I love mom. The design is special and unique.

Cleaning Tip:The new item should be cleaning by Warm water before use. And it can be used after cooling, Do not expose to the sun or boiling water ,It should be cleaning after each use.



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