Waterproof & Reusable Nappy Cover

Waterproof & Reusable Nappy Cover


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Waterproof &Reusable Nappy Cover Diaper Cover Newest Binding Printing

HappyFlute OS Colorful Binding Diaper Cover


  • Fabric: Print PUL
  • PUL flap: prevent leaky
  • Weight Range:3-15kg baby
  • col orful binding: more beautiful
  • Double row snaps: more stable
  • snap closure
  • Dual Gussets:hold legs gently and no leaky



EF210, EF348, EF305, EF212, EF403, EF412, EF208, EF417, EF329, EF228, EF218, EF426, EF434, EF55, EF142, EF265, EF269


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