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Baby White Noise Machine


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Baby White Noise Machine Smart Music Voice Sensor Infants Bad Sleep Helper Therapy Sound Monitor Generator for Babies Relax Toy

Baby White Noise Machine Smart Music Voice Sensor Infants Bad Sleep Helper Therapy Sound Monitor Generator for Babies Relax Toy

100% brand new and high quality.
Made of safe ABS materials, without obvious damage with Round Body for babies
Built-in Rechargeable 1800mAh battery, Lightweight and portable
Built-in white noise options, Soothe and comfort your baby
Voice sensor function, creates a comforting, consistent sound environment to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep – anywhere.
Perfect tool for home, office, dorm, nursery or any place you would like peace of mind.

Operation declaration

●Switch knob and volume adjustment

The power switch knob is located at the top of the product,gently turn the product(heard “click” sound) on and play the sound crresponding to the current selected gear automatically,atthe same time, tum the knob to adjust the sound volume

●Sound description

The sound indication area is located at the bottom of the product and is directly opposite the product,from left to right, corresponding sound effets are lullaby,shush, fetal heart,rain,white noise,waves,tuming bottom sound, respectively.The product will loop the triangle icon corresponding to the gear sound.

●Working and standby instructions

When the product is in working condition, the sound corresponding to each gear is played for 30 minutes and then automatically suspended and put into standby state.

●Voice sensor function

After the product enters the standby state, if still want to play the sound, it can trigger the sound before the standby state through the voice sensor,The volume level exceeds 75 decibels ;it can also turn the bottom switch to play the corresponding sound.

Product Features

●Built-in 6 soothing sounds

Lullaby, shush, fetal heart, rain, white noise, wave.

●Voice sensor function.

Thesoundwllbe acivatedwhenbabycryingand playthesoothingsound.

●Power switch knob

Sound volume adjustment.

●Six-gear knob switch

Six-gear corresponding to six soothing sounds, select diferent gear to play the corresponding sound.

●Charging function

Lithium bttey charging; when connected to adapter, the battey Can De charging, and during the process of charging ,the LED will hered,and green light when full charged. Charging time about 3 hours when the prduct not workig

Type: Baby Sleep Soother Machine
Color: As the picture
Material: ABS
Size: 98X77MM
Lithium battery: 1800mAH
Data Cable length: 1.2m

Package Included:
●Soothing sleep sound machine* 1

●USB cable*1

●Instructions* 1


Please pay attention to the reasonable way of operation,when the sound track knob is rotated to the last sound track on both sides, the potentiometer of the product is close to the critical point, please do not rotate hard. When the rotation force is greater than 2kg will cause the switch out of the location point, then the product is silent;

Please don’t disassemble or repair the product by yourselfto avoid damage to the product;

Keep it away from the water source to avoid product damage caused by the influent;

Keep it away from the high temperature,Fire source;

Don’t use corrosive washing aid for cleaning;

Please use a soft wet cloth towel to wipe the surface;





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